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A Powerful New Pharmacy Data Tool

What is RxConnex?
A source for obtaining complete pharmacy records for study respondents. We have exclusive access to pharmacy records covering 85% of the US population. The service requires patient agreement and is HIPAA compliant. You will not receive any PHI as part of the process.

Why consider this service?

  • Our pilot studies confirm that, in many cases, the difference between patient reported medical conditions, products taken, and levels of compliance and the facts is very large indeed. Particularly for studies involving complex and co-morbid conditions, RxConnex is an essential validation step.
  • We provide data and metrics including medication possession ratio (MPR) and proportion of days covered (PDC) as well as persistence data
  • EMR data has been shown to be unreliable in terms of prescribed medicines and those actually taken by the patient
  • EMR data is very costly to obtain. The cost for RxConnex data is low and will add very little to the cost of your project.
  • For smaller, qualitative studies, making sure you have the right patient respondents
  • Tracking patients’ behaviors over time
  • Adherence and/or compliance studies where patient level data is critical to understanding patient behavior
  • Show patterns in compliance or persistence over a period of time
  • Follow specific patients and track their adherence and persistence
  • HEOR data validation and insights in outcomes studies

Valuable in:

  • Patient flow
  • Patient journey
  • Buying process
  • Patient segmentation
  • Research for adherence programs and support programs

Download our brochure for more information on RxConnex including the available data it provides.

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