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Healthy Eating Choices are Driven by Personality

A recent groundbreaking study by Segmedica has made the connection between consumer’s personality and their decision processes and choices in healthy eating. Different personality types have been shown to be poles apart when comes to healthy eating. This discovery puts standardized segmentation on the map for food and beverage, nutrition, food service, hospitality and retail grocery and pharmacy.

Segmedica’s PersonaSmart™ standardized segmentation models are based on a globally validated personality assessment system. Our ongoing internal research program has proven that personality is directly related to health and wellness behaviors and product and service assessment and purchases. Research to date in nutrition choices and health services choices has produced consistent results demonstrating that different personality types have different and predictable decision processes and purchase decisions.

For example, those with personalities leaning towards achievement, social power and stimulation are adamant that organic foods taste no different to other foods and are basically a scam. Those who are more altruistic and conservationist are equally adamant that organics taste much better and, while they may be overpriced, are essential purchases.

Contact Kiran Palhan, Digital Marketing Associate to set up a discussion or a short webinar on our research results., 716-799-8244

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