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SelfInspire® - Innovate through Creation by Your Respondents

Do you seek to conduct market research in a way that encourages free, honest language from your respondents? True uninhibited language and released energy combined to deliver hidden insights. Added benefit – unstructured context provides the social and psychological underpinnings of their decision-making processes.

The technique involves a small group of respondents. They are given a series of tasks to perform without a moderator during the course of which they create a work product, present it and defend it.

SelfInspire has proved itself as an insightful technique over a decade. Now it is harnessed with PersonaSmart™, our standardized personality-based segmentation of consumers so that groups can be recruited with like personalities whiles groups of different types can interact with each other.

These groups might be designing optimum messaging or advertising or product. We have recently fielded a SelfInspire multi-group study on healthy foods.

Contact Kiran Palhan to set up a discussion or a short webinar on the results of the SelfInspire study into healthy food preferences and behaviors., 716-799-8244

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