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Anthropology-Based Research

All forms of anthropological research including in-home, in-office, or in-hospital are conducted by Segmedica health experts. Our staff includes experienced sociologists and anthropologists as well as both clinical and academic psychology advisors. Some examples of Anthropological work include:


HealthVoice® is a technique involving audio-capture of real conversations between a HCP (healthcare provider) and a patient. These conversations may take place in a doctor’s office, a clinic, a hospital, or anywhere these interactions occur on a regular basis. The Segmedica Difference is our follow-up to these encounters, using both qualitative and quantitative methods to capture additional information about the patients and HCPs. We then analyze the words, phrases, and interviews using psycho-linguistic techniques in addition to identifying keywords and language patterns. The end result is a deep understanding of what was said and why it was said. All physicians are drawn from our HealthAcuity® panels and are fully practographically and psychologically profiled.
Your deliverables include full digital recordings and transcripts of all the conversations. Our research is fully HIPAA compliant and 100% quality controlled to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the conversations. Our objective is high-gain conversations that will have an impact on your marketing objectives.


More than the traditional “sentiment” monitors, SocialInsight combines data with personality. Segmedica is known for its psychological approach to market research. Now we apply this expertise to social media posts. Our technique is simple yet elegant. We monitor a multitude of social media sites and combine what is being said with why it is being said. Unlike the majority of social media monitors, Segmedica dives deep to uncover themes in conversational language, using psychology-based natural language analysis. Our skills range from simple search and analysis to combining SocialInsight with other modalities for a rich set of insights into consumers as patients. Our process tracks patients’ experience to compile a full story on what patients think and feel not only as patients but as consumer/patients. We deliver a full report analyzing language and conversations using our exclusive HLA (HealthLinquisticAnalysis)™ process.


SelfInspire® is a qualitative research method in which a dyad or group operates without a human moderator. Employed where there is a need to delve deeply into the psychological reasons for certain behaviors, it offers considerable research benefits including:

• More responsibility and energy from respondents
• Unlikely leaders emerge
• Language is more pure and meaningful
• Emotional insights are much deeper
• Unexpected ideas arise

The sessions are managed entirely by the respondents, who usually move through a series of tasks by sequentially opening numbered envelopes. The encounter is observed by a professionally trained researcher who will ensure the interaction meets its research objectives. What makes this research so powerful is the combination of unaided discussion, a non-threatening environment, and Segmedica’s use of psychology to help us understand not only what they are saying, but why they are saying it and how it impacts your markets. SelfInspire® is unique to Segmedica, an innovator in healthcare market research.


Ethnography is a technique which is used to observe behaviors in a natural setting such as a patient’s home or place of work. Our ethnography team consists of a trained observer and a videographer who are deployed to spend a day with the respondent and capture the nuances of everyday life as well as focus on issues that are germane to the research project. While in the field, our ethnographer will also conduct impromptu interviews as events occur that stimulate discussion relevant to the marketing objectives of our client. The result is a very deep understanding of how a patient or other respondent thinks, feels, and acts outside of a controlled environment like focus group facilities or telephone interviews.
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