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A New Concept in Market Segmentation

People react to situations according to who they really are, not what attitudes they may have at the moment or what situation they are facing. Traditional segmentation methods cannot account for this.
Whether your challenge is retail healthcare, health and wellness products and services, VMS and nutrition, hospitality and food service, or just a lack of time and budget – discover in-depth research insights using alternative segmentation techniques that overcome the problems usually associated with traditional segmentation.
A new methodology approach to market segmentation offers a variety of important benefits:
  • Three separate methodologies in one study, offering a meaningful choice of segmentation models
  • Includes PersonaSmart™, a groundbreaking personality-based tools for market understanding, validated for global and multicultural use
  • Drives down to the level of personality, the most fundamental driver of behavior
  • Offers the potential for significant cost and time savings
  • Can create a common understanding of markets across your entire organization
  • Overcomes the technical issues associated with cluster analysis

Join Peter Simpson, one of the Principals at Segmedica, for a tour of the methodology and case studies.

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