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Beauty Worldview: How Personality Influences Behaviors in Health, Personal Care and Beauty

Join Peter Simpson, Principal, for a review of the research, as well as insights into the role of personality in beauty worldview and consumer behaviors.
Personality, self-perception, and understanding one’s place in a larger cultural context are integral components of how consumers interact with and participate in the health, personal care and beauty markets.
Consumers want a deeper connection to the health and beauty products they use – they want to identify with not just a brand, but a larger ethos (the look) that aligns with how they perceive themselves and want to be perceived by society.
Health, personal care and beauty decisions are inherently deeply personal due to the emotional and psychological drivers involved and understanding the nuance of personality type is increasingly important in marketing and messaging to the unique needs of the beauty consumer.
This webinar will provide an overview of our ongoing ground-breaking research program into the impact of personality and other psychological factors on health and wellness behaviors – with a focus on personal care and beauty. We use our proprietary personality-based segmentation model of consumers, PersonaSmart™, to illustrate how personality, health, and beauty are highly related concepts.
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