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Learn How Personality Drives Your Health and Wellness Decisions

Join us for a review of the research and an understanding of how these insights can benefit your organization.
If you are in an organization which provides healthcare services, support services or retail services to consumers, this webinar is for you.
We have recently made a breakthrough in showing how personality drives decision making and health behaviors. In this webinar we are using Health and wellness services as an example.
How can you draw and engage the mass of consumers seeking a better life and better health? This webinar will provide an overview of our ongoing research program into the impact of personality and other psychological factors on health behaviors – with a focus on alternative or nontraditional health and wellness services.
We use our proprietary personality-based segmentation model of consumers, PersonaSmart™, to illustrate how personality influences individual engagement with health and wellness services offered by health insurance providers, hospital groups, and retail healthcare companies.
We uncover how personality influences perceptions of the healthcare system, revealing gaps or barriers to care identified by specific personalities – and the unique solutions they imagine for managing these shortcomings.
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