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Leveraging Specialty Pharmacies

In this webinar, we review ways in which Specialty Pharmacies can be integrated into the patient-provider-treatment triangle and suggest ways to enhance their value for your company.
Does your company exploit the real value of Specialty Pharmacies? They are front-line organizations, often in frequent touch with patients and caregivers, and potentially wield considerable influence over adherence and persistence. They address a tiny proportion of all drug patients but most of the high-value patients to pharma.
In 2019, 36% of the value of drugs dispensed in the USA, totaling $160 billion, was channeled through Specialty Pharmacies. Continuing consolidation with Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) is giving this group increasing bargaining power. The level of discounts between the drug company and the patient continues to grow along with PBM profits, and it is inevitable that the post-election Congress will move on this.
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