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Powerful New Pharmacy Data Tool

Join us for this 15-minute webinar which introduces and describes this unique methodology.
RxConnex™ – Providing Pharmacy Data for Known Patients
Add insights and reliable Rx data to your projects.
Some examples of how it can be used:
  • Adherence and/or compliance studies when patient level data is critical to understanding patient behavior
  • Show patterns in compliance and adherence over a period of time
  • Follow specific patients and track their compliance and adherence
  • Demonstrates how patient personality drives compliance
  • Valuable in patient journey, patient flow, buying process, patient segmentation and adherence and support programs
  • HEOR data validation and insight into outcomes
  • And much more…
Introducing RxConnex, an exclusive deep dive into Rx adherence and compliance using records from known patients’ pharmacy data.
The pharmacy data access is available for approximately 85% of the US population. Data points include:
  • Patient demographics
  • Prescribing HCPs and specialties
  • Prescriptions filled and refilled including dates and prescription strength
This method is completely compliant with HIPAA and privacy regulations. Only patients who give specific permission will be included. In our pilot studies, over 95% gave permission.
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