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Returning to Normal Medical Appointments

Join us in this 30-minute webinar to understand how different personality types have different issues and are making different decisions with respect to returning to routine healthcare events. Qualitative and quantitative data drawn from our ConnexionPoints® COVID-19 Returning to Normality Wave 2 report will be brought together to give you a roadmap for success.
Many patients and consumers have radically altered their healthcare behaviors since March 2020. Annual physicals, elective procedures, presentation of symptoms, dental work, eye exams, and all similar activities have migrated to telehealth (where possible) or simply been deferred indefinitely.
Although COVID-19 procedures and safeguards are in place, will patients come in for their checkups, their elective surgeries, or treatments? The answer is some will, but many won’t – so how will each person decide and how can they be influenced?
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